Jeep Renegade remains one of most popular SUVs in the Jeep fleet. Our Ram Country Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram, Mineral Wells team loves its sporty good looks, deft handling and off-road mastery. We also love its host of advanced safety features. We selected the following two for your info.

Perfect Parking

Jeep Renegade helps you park perfectly every time with its parallel and perpendicular park and exist assist feature. With this feature, Renegade manages the steering wheel while delivering visual and audible instructions. Renegade aligns the park and exit feature to a state-of-the-art backup camera and front park assist for safer maneuvering in and out of the tightest parking spots in Mineral Wells.

Healthy, Hard Body

Renegade boasts one of the most rigid chassis available on the market, consisting of high-strength steel for optimal crash protection. The combination of a premium, durable chassis with seven standard airbags elevates Renegade's crashworthiness to best-in-class status.


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