Ram wants its customers to appreciate a wide range of trucks. The Ram 1500 represents an appealing light-duty model. While the vehicle isn't commonly used for harsh, full-time commercial duties, the model does stand out for its durability.

The V-8 engine's towing capabilities appear on the best-in-class list. Expect the Ram 1500 to handle difficult towing jobs without much trouble. As with any vehicle, the Ram 1500 can't go beyond its established maximum payload. The payload, however, is impressive. A V-8 engine comes with tremendous power.

Further highlighting the pickup truck's durability is the suspension system. The Four-Corner Air Suspension appears impressive on the surface. A closer look reveals the system comes with automatic load leveling, which further enhances action on the road. Quality suspension enhances performance and helps keep the truck in good shape.

See how durable the Ram 1500 pickup truck is for yourself. A road test, made possible by us at Ram Country Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram, Mineral Wells, will show everything.



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