Consider the Dodge Journey Safety Features

Dodge is committed to building the safest SUVs on the market today. The Dodge Journey garners high marks among drivers in Mineral Wells precisely because of its outstanding safety features. The experienced professionals stand ready to provide a person with useful information about the Dodge Journey safety features.

Include on the list of the Dodge Journey is brake assist. Brake assist is designed to ensure that the SUV's brakes have appropriate power in the event of an emergency situation. This ensures safe braking in such a situation. The Dodge Journey also includes four-wheel disc anti-lock brakes as well as electronic brake force distribution.

The safety features on the Dodge Journey also include crumple zones. The strategically integrated crumple zones are designed to absorb energy at the time of an impact, directing it away from passengers. In addition, the Dodge Journey features seen high-tech airbags.



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