Built Strong Enough for Everything You Need in a Truck

If you’re looking for a truck that is built strong enough to tow the toughest loads while also providing a suspension system for a durable yet comfortable ride, then you should check out the Ram 2500.

With a maximum diesel towing capacity of 17,980 pounds and five-link coil suspension for superior turning ability, the Ram 2500 gives the confidence needed to drive on the terrain of your choice. The proprietary spring technology used within the suspension allows for a reduction in friction which enhances handling capability.

A tough truck is not complete without a drive-train to support the capability, which is why the best-in-class 410 horsepower is ideal. You can plan on packing the bed and cabin to full capacity while still maintaining the power to haul even your biggest load.

Stop by Ram Country Chrysler Dodge Jeep, and we’ll be happy to give you a test drive! Our showroom is located in Mineral Wells, TX.
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