Top 5 Road Trip Safety Tips

Consider planning for an emergency on the road in advance of your vacation and you will lessen the chances you are affected by them. Here are the top 5 ways to help prevent trouble from ruining your road trip.

1. Bring along a gallon of engine coolant. This is important if the car overheats during long drives.

2. Take the time to inspect that the spare tire does have adequate tire pressure. Bring along a few supplies to fix a tire to keep you rolling along.

3. Pack a roll of duct tape; it can be helpful in repairing things like a leaking radiator hose.

4. Take along a gas can in case you run out of fuel.

5. In order to improve your vision on the long drive, be sure to have the wipers changed.

Be sure to stop by and have one of our service technicians at Ram Country Chrysler Dodge Jeep in Mineral Wells, TX, perform a pre-road-trip check-up on your car.

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